Hybrid meetings have now become the norm, and the hybrid technology that makes collaboration engaging and productive has become vital for any business. That’s why, we’re excited to introduce the Meeting Owl 4+, our next-generation all-in-one camera, speaker, and microphone device designed to power hybrid collaboration in any type of workspace. Combining 4K Ultra HD 360° video with award-winning speaker-switching software and enterprise-focused features, the Meeting Owl 4+ wirelessly pairs with our ecosystem of devices to capture all angles of the discussion so you don’t miss a thing.

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Crystal-clear collaboration, from anywhere

A 64 MP sensor allows the Meeting Owl 4+ camera to provide 4K Ultra HD video output, delivering clear, crisp image quality. With a 3x greater lens sharpness, faces seated further away always remain clear and visible, and device performance stays consistent for as long as your meeting, event, or lecture runs. 

Owl Labs’ award-winning software - the Owl Intelligence System - powers the Meeting Owl 4+ to automatically focus on and capture the best view of in-room speakers quickly and accurately for a face-to-face meeting experience for everyone. Smart mics capture audio with a pickup range of up to 18’ (5.5m) to ensure clear audio on both ends of the call, and the volume of in-room speakers is equalized for remote participants. Plus, the Meeting Owl 4+ gets smarter over time with regular software updates - so you’ll always have access to the latest and greatest features from Owl Labs.

Tech your way

Flexibility is key, and the Meeting Owl 4+ not only functions as a standalone device in smaller huddle spaces, but can also be wirelessly paired with other Owl devices for greater flexibility. The tech setup you use is up to you and you only. Expand the audio range up to 26’ (8m) by adding an Expansion Mic to your Meeting Owl 4+ setup. Or wirelessly pair a Meeting Owl 4+ with another Meeting Owl or with the Owl Bar, for the only solution in-market that combines front- and center-of-room cameras in a seamless video stream so you have consistent coverage in even larger spaces. 

The Meeting Owl 4+ makes setup and use easy for all team members so that starting a hybrid meeting is more efficient than ever; setup takes 6 minutes (or less) out of the box.  The platform interoperability of the Meeting Owl 4+ makes it compatible with every video conferencing software - think: Teams, Zoom, Meet - you name it, and it’s also able to connect with any host computer, allowing employees to easily connect their own devices. The Meeting Owl 4+ is portable and requires just two cords, making it ready to use anywhere, and making it easy for teams to adapt their setup on the fly. 

Devices for every demand

Additional enterprise-focused features are designed to make hybrid technology management more reliable and secure. Enterprise software in The Nest - Owl Labs’ device management platform -  allows for simple fleet management at scale for IT professionals across different rooms and offices, with advanced roles and permissions and additional security features to keep internal meetings private. The Meeting Owl 4+ can also run on enterprise Wi-Fi or connect via Ethernet for improved security. Hardware enhancements give the Meeting Owl 4+ the professional look and feel organizations expect from enterprise tech, with a sleek new color, built-in security feature with a Kensington lock slot, and customizable features like hoot or no hoot, Owl eyes or an LED strip.

The Meeting Owl 4+ and the Owl Labs connected device system offer teams an elevated meeting experience and greater setup flexibility with easy-to-use all-in-one devices. The Meeting Owl 4+ is the upgrade hybrid companies desire to make their hybrid meetings as accessible, secure, and productive as possible while also being ready to adapt to any situation.

Crystal clear conversations from miles apart