How do you get in the zone during the workweek?

My favorite way to focus and get down to business is by putting on my favorite music — this is especially helpful when I'm working from home.

Rather than sitting alone at my desk with my headphones on, I play the music out loud through a Bluetooth speaker. This creates an ambient mood that allows me to be my most productive.

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Whether you're into country or classical music, there are a variety of playlists to boost your productivity. Ready to discover the best music for working from home? Let's dive in!

Work From Home Productivity Playlists

1. Working From Home Productivity Playlist

Looking for some chill, coffee shop vibes? Check out this productivity playlist created by the Owl Labs team and start your work from home day on the right foot.

2. Classical Productivity Playlist

Scientific studies have shown that classical music can boost your mood and productivity, and even improve the quality of your work. If you'd like to see these positive effects, it might be time to start jamming out to some Mozart, Bach, and Rossini.

3. Lo-Fi Productivity Playlist

If you're looking for some chill beats this working from home playlist is for you. The songs will help you relax, focus, and settle into your work.

4. Acoustic Productivity Playlist

Start off your day with some calming instrumentals and acoustic versions of your favorite songs.

5. Ambient Productivity Playlist

If music isn't really your jam, try listening to these ambient nature sounds to get you in the work flow.

6. Piano Productivity Playlist

In need of relaxing background music in your  home office? Try listening to some peaceful piano music.

7. Jazz Productivity Playlist

Listen to these mellow jazz tunes to help you focus.

8. Soul Productivity Playlist

These soothing songs will get you ready to tackle your to-do list.

9. Country Productivity Playlist

Get in the zone by listening to some of your favorite country artists.

10. Pop Productivity Playlist

Power through the end of your day and crank up the volume with these mood-boosting songs.


With a wide array of songs to choose from, you'll be all set for a productive day working from home. Looking for more? Check out these tools to boost your productivity next.

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