Since the founding of Owl Labs in 2014, our goal has been to make hybrid meetings better for everyone involved - in-office and remote participants alike. 

At the time, before hybrid meetings were a workplace staple, founders Mark Schnittman and Max Makeev wanted to create an easier meeting experience. They wanted to build a piece of tech that adapted to meeting attendees, rather than having the attendees adapt to the provided meeting tech. 

Since then, hybrid meetings have changed dramatically, encouraging our team to keep innovating to meet today’s business needs. Even after years of remote and hybrid work, many employees still don’t feel included when attending meetings remotely. There are still difficulties seeing and hearing in-room participants and video conferencing technology continues to be a barrier to hybrid meetings. When tech is inflexible, unpredictable, or just a plain old pain to use, people don’t use it. This results in siloed teams and unhappy employees on both sides of the screen. 

That’s why we're excited to introduce the next generation of the Meeting Owl - meet the Meeting Owl 3.

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The Meeting Owl 3’s newest features + enhancements

The next generation Meeting Owl 3 is the most intelligent 360-degree video conferencing device on the market and combines a friendly user experience with best-in-class, AI-powered video and audio streaming that can be adapted to any space, for any use. 

Here’s what's new in the Meeting Owl 3: 

  • Enhanced Owl Intelligence System (OIS): Owl Lab’s enhanced OIS delivers an even more immersive experience for remote participants, picking up meeting participants with more accuracy, and switching smoothly between speakers. With more accurate speaker detection, participants will always be seen and heard, even when faces are further away, wearing masks, or poorly lit.
  • The all-new Expansion Mic: Bring immersive collaboration to larger spaces. Connect the Meeting Owl 3 to an Expansion Mic to extend audio reach on large tables by 8 feet (2.5 meters) in the direction of the microphone.
  • Owl Connect: Pair two Meeting Owls to enable seamless meetings in larger spaces, or to pair the Meeting Owl to the Whiteboard Owl for inclusive hybrid whiteboarding. Owl Connect expands video and audio reach by 8 feet (2.5 meters) in any direction. 
  • The Meeting Owl App (available in Mobile + Desktop): Use the Meeting Owl App to customize your meeting experience. Control features like Presenter Enhance, Ignore Zone, and Camera Lock and Zoom directly in the app.
  • Fleet Management [Coming Soon!]: The Meeting Owl 3 offers a more robust Enterprise suite of capabilities for IT and tech teams to more efficiently and more easily manage their Owl Labs devices across the organization.
  • Connections to the Owl Labs ecosystem for hybrid workplaces: The Meeting Owl 3 is compatible with Owl Labs devices like the Whiteboard Owl dedicated whiteboard camera, the Meeting Owl Pro, and the Expansion Mic - making it easily adaptable to any of your workspaces.

The Meeting Owl 3 solves today’s workplace challenges

There are about 90 million meeting rooms worldwide, but only 8% are wired for video. As workplace strategists and company leaders explore workplace transformations, they’ll need to consider upgrading technology and rewiring spaces for hybrid work to best serve employees now and in the future.

“We’ve all experienced the frustration of not clearly hearing or seeing speakers during hybrid meetings. The goal of our products is to eliminate that experience,” says Gloria Lau, SVP of Engineering for Owl Labs.

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The Meeting Owl 3 is built for collaborative hybrid teams. It sits in the center of the room and intelligently zooms in on whoever is speaking for organic face-to-face interactions. It also,

  • Supports inclusive and equitable hybrid meetings with the enhanced OIS
  • Is easy to set up and use with plug-and-play technology
  • Sits at the center of the room and provides a panoramic view for remote participants, allowing for more natural meeting flow
  • Adapts to you and your spaces, no matter how large or small
  • Automatically stays updated with the latest software and features
  • Connects with more products in the Owl Labs Ecosystem — additional Meeting Owls, Whiteboard Owl, Extension Mic, and Meeting Owl App

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