Many workers across the globe have been participating in the world's largest work from home experiment. Owl Labs surveyed over 800 Canadians, who are currently working from home, to understand how well their employers have prepared them for working remotely during the global pandemic, and how they will continue to support employees during return to office planning.

For the vast majority of respondents, remote working was triggered by the rise of COVID-19. In fact, 74% of Canadian remote workers only started working remotely in the past three months.

The good news is quick action to adapt to the crisis made a big difference, and 57.5% of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that their company was prepared to work remotely.

So, what kinds of tools do Canadian workers expect employers to provide to help them feel prepared and effective? No surprise, video conferencing was the highest priority with 73% of respondents saying they expected their company to provide video conferencing tools during the stay at home orders.

Now, weeks later, as different provinces cautiously pursue their reopening plans, businesses are also planning their return to the office. However, as they open their doors, leaders also need to consider that many workers would like to keep their home offices. In fact, 55% of respondents would like to work remotely either full-time or several times per week, and 21% who would like to work from home full-time.

Owl Labs survey results: Post coronavirus, how frequently would you like to work remotely

Canadian workers' growing interest in working from anywhere is another opportunity for businesses to respond to the call, specifically by doubling down on tools that bridge the gap between home and office working. Investment in technology that helps hybrid remote and in-office teams collaborate and work productively together will be an essential part of the return to office playbook.

To support these efforts, Owl Labs is incredibly proud to launch the Meeting Owl Pro in Canada to support all Canadian organizations. With 61% of Canadians having two or more meetings per day, the Meeting Owl Pro has the opportunity to be paramount in connecting those in the office with those who remain working from home.

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The Meeting Owl Pro is a smart video conferencing device that features a 360° camera, mic, and speaker with a 1080p resolution and a radius over five meters. It provides a panoramic view of the meeting space and automatically focuses on who is speaking using audio and visual cues.

Remote work has become a part of our everyday lives and it's imperative that all employees, remote or in-person, can communicate and collaborate effectively. We're looking forward to seeing how the Meeting Owl Pro will help Canadian organizations and employees work better together. Learn more about the Meeting Owl Pro and purchase today for delivery in Canada.

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