In an increasingly digital world, choosing the right video conferencing system to match your needs can feel like a daunting task. At times it can feel like there are too many tech options available. So, how do you choose the right one?

Not all video conferencing technology is built the same, and not all your uses for it will be either. You are faced with choosing the right room setup, speakers, microphones, and camera all within your budget while making sure it's effortless and always works. 

Luckily, there's a product that combines all of those features into a single device that's simple to set up and operate. The Meeting Owl Pro provides a 360° camera, microphone, and speaker system in one convenient tabletop unit. Plug the Owl into your laptop or computer and start a meeting with your chosen video conferencing software, and it will focus on those speaking for a natural conversation experience.

No matter if your organization is made up of remote work old hats or virtual tech newbies, from the conference room to the classroom, and any home office in between— stay connected with the Meeting Owl Pro.

Top Use Cases for the Meeting Owl

1. To Conduct Remote Meetings

The Owl operates software-free, is compatible with any web-based meeting platform, and its plug and play technology makes for easy setup, allowing the Meeting Owl Pro to help replicate the atmosphere of in-person meetings in your remote meeting.

When it's placed in the center of the conference room table, the camera will auto-focus on those speaking. And a panorama view allows remote participants to see the other meeting attendees in the room. This natural view puts everyone at ease and allows you to run your meeting with clear audio and video without fumbling to angle the laptop the right way or lean in so all attendees can hear you.

On average, remote workers attend more meetings each week than on-site workers. The 2019 State of Remote Work report found 14% of remote workers attend more than 10 meetings per week. These meetings are essential to foster collaboration, build relationships, and facilitate team bonding. And with the amount of remote workers around the world at an all time high, it is important to put your best remote-tech foot forward to ensure your remote employees have the best meeting experience possible. 


2. An Educational Tool

Uses for the Meeting Owl Pro don't stop in the business world — the Owl can be used in education as well! As educators around the world rethink their classrooms to prepare themselves and their students for virtual classrooms, distance learning, and hybrid learning, many are turning to remote education technology for the first time.

One of the main concerns regarding virtual classrooms is the potential for a lack of student engagement. Thanks to the video conferencing camera that captures 360° video and audio, the Meeting Owl Pro automatically shifts the camera to focus on whoever is speaking and provides an experience that is as engaging and collaborative as sitting in the classroom.

While the Meeting Owl Pro enhances synchronous learning and is an essential tool as part of any hybrid learning model, it can also be used to hold virtual meetings with remote and in-person teachers, administrators and staff. It’s portability adds to its user-friendly nature by making it easy to bring from room to room.

If you’re new to distance learning, Owl Labs partnered with the Zoom Summer Academy to give you all the tools you’ll need as you transition into your upcoming school year. 


3. A Live Streaming Device

Live streaming is really having a moment right now, and the Meeting Owl Pro is here to help take your next one to the next level! The main goal of live events is to mimic the atmosphere of in-person events as much as technology allows. Because the Meeting Owl Pro is compatible with Facebook and YouTube live streams, you can fire up a live stream for a fun promotional event or company announcement that recreates the feel of an in-person events.

Not convinced? Our friends at Wild Earth celebrated National Dog Day by pairing the Meeting Owl Pro with a Facebook Live stream of rescue puppies available for adoption. Thanks to the Meeting Owl Pro’s intuitive smart camera, the live stream viewer was granted a personal view of those adorable doggies, all from the comfort of their own home (or wherever else they tuned in from!). It just goes to show, with a little imagination and a 360° live stream, you can connect with your audience in new and exciting ways.


4. AEC Firms Going Digital

The rumors are true: Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) firms have gone digital. These historically paper-heavy industries have turned a tech corner and are embracing remote meetings and building from anywhere.

In response to the industry-wide paperless initiative being spearheaded by the Division of the State of Architecture, AEC firms have embraced document management and project management software. Additionally, firms that have found themselves to be newly-remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic have been quick to embrace virtual meeting technology like Zoom for remote conference meetings, employee training, and team updates.

With help from the Meeting Owl Pro, your AEC firm can Build From Anywhere.


5. Virtual Brainstorming Sessions

It’s not easy to run an effective virtual brainstorming session, and without the appropriate tech it can be impossible. Without a video conferencing camera, those attending a brainstorming meeting can't see what's happening or offer contributions. Yet, a standard video conferencing camera often can't show the whiteboard and display your colleagues at the same time. The Meeting Owl solves both of these problems, allowing you to host an effective brainstorm without everyone being physically present.

Use the Camera Lock and Zoom feature in the Meeting Owl app to focus the camera on the whiteboard, so the speaker can sketch out ideas and discuss plans simultaneously. You'll be brainstorming in no time without crowding your coworkers around the whiteboard to fit in the frame.


6. Remote Trainings and Demos

Remote and hybrid teams are a commonplace in any modern office, shouldn’t remote training be too? With the Meeting Owl Pro, onboarding and employee training has never been so simple. When you choose to host an interactive training for new hires using the Meeting Owl Pro, they'll be able to see the speakers running the session and the in-office new hires without leaving the comfort of their home offices.

Did you know you can use the Owl to give live demos too? The 360° view shows off your product, and those attending remotely feel like they're attending the demo in person. Here at Owl Labs, we host our own demos using the Meeting Owl Pro to demonstrate the functionality of the device; one Owl is used to run the meeting and a second Owl is used to point out the features and design.


7. Virtual Job Interviews

As employee training for remote workers has grown increasingly more remote, so have virtual job interviews. Hiring employees shouldn’t be limited to applicants in the area, and flying in potential new hires for the first rounds of interviewing isn’t always practical. Companies are extending their search to find the best fit for open roles regardless of the applicant's location, and the Meeting Owl Pro is designed to help you execute virtual interviews with that coveted in-person feel.

You can use the Meeting Owl Pro to include multiple team members in a group interview, and with the automatic focus, candidates will be at ease as interviewers appear one-by-one when asking questions. They'll provide better answers and give an accurate representation of their background, experience, and personality so you'll know how they'll contribute to your team whether they stay a remote employee or join you in-office.


8. Virtual Conferences

Running successful virtual conferences takes a lot of planning, and even more tech. Enter: the Meeting Owl Pro. When you use the Meeting Owl Pro to assist you in hosting your next virtual conference or panel, the camera will auto-focus on the moderator leading the panel and the panelists. Set a Meeting Owl Pro in front of a panel and allow those watching to feel like they're attending in person. You'll keep viewers interested and add an immersive touch that most virtual conferences don't have.

Whether your virtual conference is live-streamed or pre-recorded, when the Meeting Owl Pro’s smart 360° camera follows your speakers every move your audience at home will feel like they are right in the conference room.


The Meeting Owl Pro  excels in amplifying any virtual event. From live streams, to brainstorms, and everything in between, you'll be equipped for any experience that requires connecting remotely with video. Make your meetings more human with 360° views and auto-focus on speakers in the effortless package the Meeting Owl Pro provides.

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