Owl Labs’ first Meeting Owl came out in 2019, and since then, our team has continuously listened to user feedback and has worked tirelessly to improve the product every day. The way that people meet and collaborate changes daily, and our technology seeks to stay ahead of these evolving trends and employee expectations.

The Meeting Owl 3, with its recently enhanced operating system — the Owl Intelligence System™ — is ready to take your team’s hybrid collaboration to the next level. The OIS uses artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning to automatically focus on whoever is speaking during a meeting, making it easy for remote attendees to follow the conversation as if they were in the room.

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Owl Intelligence SystemTM features

The enhanced Owl Intelligence System™ (OIS) features faster and smoother speaker transitions, improved zooming capabilities, greater accuracy at highlighting the active speaker, and better recognition of speakers who are quieter, seated farther away, or wearing masks. 

The system also has better sound equalization, which means sound will be automatically adjusted to account for the volume of attendees with louder or quieter voices, as well as those contributing from home. And with improved auto-focus capabilities, attendees won’t have to worry about coming across blurry. 

Bottom line: the next-gen OIS is better equipped to meet the challenges of running productive, successful collaborative meetings in 2022. 

How much better? The OIS:

  • Shows a 58% improvement in detecting faces that are farther from the Meeting Owl
  • Is 5x better at accurately detecting people wearing masks
  • Recognizes and focuses on people 4x faster
  • Has an increased video pickup range, from 8ft to 10ft


The OIS powers Owl Connect to expand hybrid collaboration

Owl Connect brings all of your hybrid technology from the Owl Labs Ecosystem together. In any space, you can pair your Meeting Owl with another in your fleet for expanded reach (with an additional 8 feet/2.5 meters of audio and video reach), or with the Whiteboard Owl for inclusive hybrid collaboration. 

Plus, the OIS gets smarter over time, no hands-on updates are necessary

When customers purchase an Owl Labs product, they get automatic WiFi software updates on the OIS, so every tool gets smarter and more effective over time. 

When running hybrid meetings, it’s important that all participants feel welcomed, seen, and heard. The OIS automatically focuses and zooms in on whoever’s speaking to deliver a face-to-face meeting experience that nearly feels like sitting in the room. It gets smarter as you use it, which means your meetings will only get more inclusive and immersive, which is great because hybrid work — and hybrid meetings — are here to stay, but won’t look the same forever. 

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