Instead of participants having to adapt how they speak in order to use Owl Labs' collaborative room solutions, the Meeting Owl sits at the center of the room and focuses on whoever is speaking so they can stay focused on the discussion instead of worrying about the technology.

We wanted our technology to adapt even more to the way teachers and presenters liked to move and speak naturally, which is why we developed our Presenter Enhance feature.

We heard from our customers who were leading presentations in meeting rooms and lectures in classrooms that the Meeting Owl wasn’t tracking them as fast as they’d like when they’d stand up and walk around the room, so we wanted to innovate for that use case.

For discussions where multiple in-room participants take turns speaking over the course of the meeting, the Meeting Owl’s Wise OS™ intelligence system uses vision and voice to auto-focus on whoever is speaking. But for presentations or lectures where one in-room speaker is leading the discussion, the Presenter Enhance setting tracks the speaker more closely as they move around the room.

If other in-room participants need to ask a question or chime into the discussion, the Meeting Owl will still highlight them on the Stage View for remote participants and auto-focus normally, but when the presenter starts talking again, it will stay focused on them.

To start using Presenter Enhance, it can be easily toggled on and off by pressing the O button on the base of the Meeting Owl, or by using the Meeting Owl App. Presenter Enhance can also be enabled permanently as a Default Camera Setting in the Meeting Owl App.

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