Many remote workers find support and connect with coworkers online. With almost half of remote workers using Slack, there is a built-in community of smart, creative individuals with whom to connect. Slack provides a platform to connect with coworkers and collaborate in real time, in addition to a chance to meet like-minded individuals, solve problems, talk to companies, find freelancing clients, and generate new ideas.

While many individuals use Slack strictly for business (i.e. you are only in one Slack team), what people don't know is that you can join public Slack communities for a myriad of different interests and industries. You can also add clients, co-marketing partners, and others to your Slack team and use the messaging app as a way to connect with customers.

We've curated a list of Slack communities for remote entrepreneurs, freelancers, and digital nomads. We've also included some role-specific Slack communities, industry-specific groups, and options for those who share hobbies like gaming and hiking. Remote workers and freelancers often work alone but wish they had others to chat with professionally, build connections with, and make friends from anywhere.

To peruse even more Slack teams (over 1,000!) to find your niche group, try Slofile, Slack List, or this list from

Working remotely doesn't mean you are cut off from resources, mentors, and new friends. Here are the biggest and best remote work Slack communities.

Best Slack Communities for Remote Workers

Slack Communities for Remote Workers, Freelancers, Telecommuters, and Digital Nomads

1. We Work Remotely Community

2. Digital Nomads

3. Remote Work

4. Remotely One (A community of remote work and telecommuting enthusiasts)

5. Nomads Talk (For digital nomads)

6. Digital Freelancer

7. Freelance Lead (This community helps freelancers find work)

8 Work From (An online watercooler for those who work from home)

Slack Communities for Digital Marketers & Creatives

9. Creative Tribes (Startup marketers, entrepreneurs, and creatives)

10. Online Geniuses (Over 7,000 digital marketers)

Slack Communities for Product People

11. Product Managers Group

12. Product Tribes (For project managers, designers, and developers)

Slack Communities for Designers and Developers

13. Designer Hangout

14. Dear Designers

15. #devchat (Over 14,000 developers helping each other learn and grow)

16. {code} community

17. Animation at Work

18. Code Newbie

Slack Communities for Entrepreneurs

19. Reddit Entrepreneur

20. Ecomm Talk (For those in ecommerce who use Shopify)

21. #smallbiz

Slack Communities for Women

22. Women in Technology

23. #FemaleFounders

24. Women in Sales

Slack Communities for Anyone

25. #photographers

26. Hashtag Gaming

27. Introverts

28. #Music

29. Coffee Talk

30. #people (For human resources (HR) professionals)

31. LGBTQ in Technology

32. The Trello Community

33. #podcasters

34. Hikers & Backpackers

35. Hack Productivity

36. The Buffer Community

Slack is an easy, free collaboration tool that enables remote employees to be an equal part of the conversation at work. With almost over half of employed Americans currently working from home, remote work is changing the way that we collaborate, learn, and grow businesses.

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