As businesses get closer and closer to reopening office spaces for employees, planning teams’ to do lists for the return are growing daily--and at a rapid rate.

HR business partners and leadership teams are having thoughts pop up in the night like, What did we decide our policy would be about company technology for hybrid employees? Or How are we going to address that survey that showed our employees want a company-wide alert system for desk availability and wait lists? Or Where do we even start with IT for a flexible workforce?

Employees are wondering, My company announced we’d plan to return to the office around Labor Day...does that mean I have to go back, or do I have a choice? And How do I tell my boss I want to work a few days a week from home? And What am I supposed to do about child care? When do I need to be prepared to send my children back to daycare?

With so many updates and guidelines from the government changing weekly, it’s helpful to have a framework to navigate all the nitty gritty details of the return to office and address the questions and concerns that come up daily.

Having a well-thought out plan for your return will help teams:

  • Avoid confusion and mixed messages with employees
  • Adjust to changing guidelines from the CDC/local government quickly and take action
  • Be transparent and organized when communicating with employees
  • Navigate a smooth transition into the next phase of your company’s policy and culture

We’ve put together a guide to help you determine a plan, set policies and best support your employees through your return to office.

Tools for navigating the return to office - download now

What's in the guide?

Tools for Navigating the Return to Office includes:

  • Strategies for evaluating which work style/setup is right for your team, from in-person, to hybrid, to fully remote
  • How to set up the infrastructure for your new or changing work setup, both technical and cultural
  • Understanding and implementing hybrid strategies for a workforce that is now almost entirely remote in some capacity
  • Ways to develop culture on distributed teams
  • A return to office roadmap/checklist
  • Additional resources for leaders, HR teams, IT teams and managers

Who is this guide for?

We created this guide for those involved in the strategic, long-term return to office planning. This usually consists of department heads, leadership teams, HR, IT, managers and office management.

The return to office will require significant investment from managers and those who directly support employees as they transition. Provide your team with the resources and tools they need to feel supported and use frequent feedback to check in on both leaders and employees.

We invite you to take a look at the guide and start to organize your return to office as a detailed, holistic strategy that represents more than just the logistics of the return, but a cultural shift for your organization.

Get your copy of the guide - download it now.

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