We all want to run the most productive meetings possible, but unfortunately, clunky technology can get in the way. If you’re looking to upgrade your hybrid meetings to be more effective and efficient, you need the right technology for easier, smarter collaboration. 

As you set up your hybrid space you’ll need to have both types of meeting attendees in mind - remote and in-person. You need to optimize for each situation and space with the right tech to be sure that everyone is included. The good news is Owl Labs has a room solution for every kind of team. 

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Room setups for small-medium spaces

It’s important that you have all types of space in your offices. From large conference rooms to small huddle spaces. By having smaller rooms, you are providing spaces for 1:1 meetings, brainstorm sessions, and more. With that, the smallest huddle room can have the power of a large conference hall with the right technology. 

Our suggestion? Use a Meeting Owl 3 so remote meeting participants can be both seen and heard. This will make your space ideal for impromptu meetings. 

Pro tip: make sure your small rooms have ample lighting so everyone remote can see your team—and not just shadowy figures on a screen.

Room setups for medium-large spaces

Meeting rooms for 10+ guests are the classic boardrooms of yesteryear. However, equipping them with the right hybrid tech doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Luckily, many of these rooms already have a nice size screen or projector - that said, you will need to add some key additions to your tech stack to ensure the spaces are ready for hybrid work.

Amp up your camera capacity by pairing two Meeting Owl 3s. Share the full view of the room and all in-room participants by extending your view and your audio input and output. And don’t worry about your cameras being out of sync; the Owl Intelligence System (OIS) wirelessly connected your Meeting Owls together for seamless viewing, listening, and collaborating.

Pro tip: Position the Meeting Owl 3 within 3-6’ of every in-room person for a more immersive and present experience.

Room setups for conference rooms

The best way to give everyone a seat at the table is to optimize your tech at the center of the table. But sometimes the table is a little too long… so you need to amp up your tech. Make sure your company-wide meetings include your whole company by utilizing tools that maximize your view, sound, and participation. That way, even the largest conference can feel intimate - and everyone feels included. 

For conference rooms with longer tables, pair two Meeting Owl 3 devices with an Expansion Mic to extend the Meeting Owl’s audio pickup by 8 feet, bringing the total pickup range to 52 feet, so remote participants don’t miss a thing.

Pro tip: Use a high-quality television or monitor mounted within everyone's line of sight in the room to ensure that all meeting attendees have the same view.

Hybrid classroom setups

Classrooms and collaborative spaces have different needs than traditional conference rooms. Whether you’re teaching a high school class of 20 or a tech bootcamp for 12, you can build the ultimate collaborative meeting and learning experience. 

Set up a Meeting Owl 3 and pair it with a Whiteboard Owl. Then you can share whiteboard content while you teach with both in-person and remote participants. The Whiteboard Owl syncs to the Meeting Owl to show the whiteboard as part of a screen-sharing experience, so viewers can see the whiteboard even if you’re standing right in front of it. No matter where your students are sitting—in the back of the classroom or on their couch halfway across the country — they won’t miss out on a single moment.

Pro tip: Here’s your all-in-one guide to setting up your modern classroom with the right technology.

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