At Owl Labs, we take security very seriously. Today we are sharing that we’ve identified, and have resolved, security issues associated with the Meeting Owl.  

The likelihood that our customers have been affected by these issues is low, but we wanted to bring to your attention in the effort of full transparency.  We’re here to report that all of the high-priority security issues identified have been resolved with these updates being pushed in a new global software release today, 6.3.22 and Monday, 6.6.2022.

These updates include: 

  • Paused the Whiteboard Owl Save & Share feature and permanently deleted all data in March 2022
  • RESTful API to retrieve PII data will no longer be possible
  • Implement MQTT service restrictions to secure IoT comms 
  • Removing access to PII from a previous owner in the UI when transferring a device from one account to another
  • Limiting access or removing access to switchboard port exposure 
  • Fix for WiFi AP tethering mode 

To ensure that your Meeting Owl Pro has received the security updates, please make sure it is connected to Wifi and updated to the latest software version. If you have specific questions on how to update your Meeting Owl Pro, see here.

Enabling immersive, seamless and secure hybrid collaboration experiences is at the core of everything we do, and essential to that is our customers’ trust in the technology that powers that experience. 

We want to be clear: Owl Labs has and always will be committed to customer security and privacy. We have a dedicated team that is focused on security alongside external vendors that we work with on our critical security projects, including third-party penetration tests.  

We thank you for your understanding and patience, and we look forward to continuing to deliver best-in-class collaboration products and services to our customers globally. 

_Mark Schnittman, Cofounder + CTO, Owl Labs