In the year 2020, we all experienced a new degree of remote living. Around the world, employees adapted to working from home, as students and teachers transitioned to distance or hybrid learning. One shining star of our new collective remote lifestyle is the remote communication and collaboration tools that helped us all succeed from a safe distance.

The Meeting Owl Pro has been a standout in the world of remote, hybrid, and distanced learning. Here are the top 8 unique ways that classrooms have used the Meeting Owl Pro this year.

1. Wartburg College

This professor at Wartburg college uses the Meeting Owl Pro to offer flexibility when teaching remote students. It allows for socially distanced students to be able to see and hear the teacher just as well as remote learners at home.

“I love that the Meeting Owl is a “follow me” camera so I can move freely during classes and don’t have to adapt my teaching style to stay within a certain area of the classroom. The Meeting Owl Pro’s audio pickup works great even while we’re wearing masks and we know that long-term, when Covid-19 isn’t our main concern, we’ll still be able to use the Meeting Owl Pro for distance learning, meetings, and conferences.”  

Source: Instagram

2. New Horizon Irvine

New Horizon Irvine, an independent Islamic school in California, uses the Meeting Owl Pro in their hybrid learning environment in classes like 5th grade science, Arabic class, Islamic studies, and more for remote learners.

Source: NH Irvine on Instagram

3. SSA Junior School

Shady Side Academy uses their Meeting Owl Pro for reading books aloud with first and second graders, making connections between in-person and virtual students.

Source: Instagram

4. The Browning School

The Browning School, a private K-12 all boys school in NYC, has incorporated the Meeting Owl Pro in the classroom to connect their in-class students with those participating from home. 

"Our Owl Labs cameras allow for a more immersive classroom experience for online students in our hybrid learning model, making students feel as though they’re actually in the room thanks to a 360° view lens that reacts to sound and focuses on whoever is speaking.⁠" 

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

5. Gould Academy

Gould Academy, a college-prep school in the mountains of Bethel, Maine, uses the Meeting Owl Pro to host guests like former classmates to help inspire creative writing students, host faculty professional development workshops, and uses the Owl for hybrid learning.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram


6. Engage The Brain

Engage the Brain is a learning center serving students of all ages, from pre-k to adult. They offer academic support services and engage with students from all over the world using the Meeting Owl Pro’s technology.

"Meet Hootie! 🦉Our new Meeting Owl device will be right at home with North Park Learning Group! Bringing our classroom to students around the globe! 🌏"

Source: Instagram

7. Saint Mary’s School

Saint Mary’s, an all-girls college-prep school in North Carolina, uses the Meeting Owl Pro to share science experiments with classmates learning remotely. 

“Owls have long been a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and fierce intellect. They also have the extraordinary gift of nearly 360-degree vision. High-tech classroom owls cameras are enhancing the hybrid learning experience at Saint Mary's and connecting students and teachers in meaningful ways! This morning, Lauren Marquez's chemistry students used the owls to share a flame test experience with our virtual students who cannot be in the classroom. Read more in our homepage news at Link in the profile. Scroll to the news. @owllabs #youvegotthis #jumprightin #smsacademics”

Source: Instagram

8. The Lehrman School

Lehrman Community Day School is a Jewish day school in Miami, Florida. They use the Meeting Owl Pro in the classroom to engage their remote learners in their hybrid classroom environment. 

“We have a new student at Lehrman and it’s an Owl from @owllabs! The Owl captures 360-degree video and audio for an engaging distance learning experience. This is just one step Lehrman is taking to bridge our in-person and online learners!🦉

Source: Instagram

We are thrilled to be able to support educators in finding creative ways to engage students at home and connect students in the classroom to their remote learning peers. We believe in the power of face-to-face interactions and taking the difficulty out of video conferencing. For educators who like to utilize the entire classroom space, our 360-degree lens is designed for you! We love to hear your ideas and feedback, contact us to see how we can support your classroom’s needs.

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