We know that hybrid and remote work is here to stay. Our 2022 State of Remote Work found that if the ability to work remotely was taken away, 66% of workers would immediately start looking for a new job with more flexibility. That means that if organizations want to retain top talent, they need to invest in tools and strategies that embrace and enhance hybrid work. But in a space that is quickly becoming more crowded, IT leaders are finding themselves asking the same question: which tools should we be investing in? 

Let’s take a closer look at the top hybrid work and meeting tools that organizations should consider using to enhance the hybrid work experience for their employees. 

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Slack is one of the most well-known collaboration tools in corporate America today and for good reason. What started as a simple digital messaging app has evolved into a holistic platform that gives teams a single virtual location to collaborate using features like messaging, document storage, file management, a brainstorming canvas, and more. Slack’s breadth of services and integrations make it easy for hybrid teams to stay connected and enhance their daily workflow. Slack has been an industry leader since it was founded in 2009 and has steadily grown to the more than 20 million daily users it sees today. 

The Meeting Owl 3 + Owl Bar

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As an increasingly significant percentage of the workforce has transitioned to hybrid and remote work over the last few years, the importance of innovative video conferencing technology like the Meeting Owl + Owl Bar has become indisputable. 

The Meeting Owl 3 + Owl Bar team up to make the first AI-powered front-and-center video conferencing solution. These Owl devices automatically sync together as soon as they’re turned on and instantly begin working together to capture the best angle of meeting participants. The Meeting Owl 3 + Owl Bar are both powered by the Owl Intelligence System (OIS), which helps everyone maintain eye contact by automatically tracking and featuring the active speaker. 

A meeting room equipped with the Meeting Owl 3 + Owl Bar provides a more natural and equitable hybrid meeting experience by ensuring that everyone can be clearly seen and heard, even if some people are attending remotely. In a world where hybrid meetings are the norm rather than the exception, video-conferencing tools like those from Owl Labs are essential in the quest for meeting equality. 


Notion is a project management tool that provides you with a single space where you and your team can think, write, and plan. It offers a substantial degree of customization, allowing organizations to tailor it to their individual needs. Notion is intuitive and easy to use, but has enough features that it can support a robust project management strategy. It’s perfect for teams who work in an asynchronous environment or have a variety of work styles.


Robin bills itself as a “people-first platform for connected workplace experiences”. It’s a direct answer to the newfound needs of hybrid work environments, specifically the need to adapt and optimize physical office space for the new flexibility employees expect from a modern workplace. 

Robin supports workplace coordination by offering desk booking, tracking office usage, guest visits and more. It’s a great way for hybrid teams to make the most out of their time in the office. 

The Whiteboard Owl

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Some of us are visual learners, which is why the whiteboard has been a hallmark of quality brainstorming sessions for decades. The inventor of the whiteboard nailed it, really, we have no notes. But in this new era of hybrid work, the whiteboard quickly became all too frustrating for remote employees because it was often difficult to see the board through video. The Whiteboard Owl solves that problem by enhancing the writing and making the presenter transparent – this way even those who are not in the room can always see the entire whiteboard. Honestly, the Whiteboard Owl offers a better view than attending in person; brilliant brainstorming ideas not included. 

We’re all figuring out what our preferred ways of working look like, and investing in the proper tools is an essential part of that journey. No matter if you work in tech, healthcare, education, or a completely different field, we all need to find ways to stay connected and solve problems together. These hybrid work and meeting tools are the perfect place to start. 

Learn more about how you can optimize your space for hybrid work by exploring our room solutions page. 

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