I schedule and participate in about ten Zoom meetings per week. They help me work productively with my hybrid team, as well as with people outside of my organization I partner and work with. In this blog post, we'll be digging into everything it takes to schedule, join, start, run, and record a Zoom meeting so your remote and hybrid teams can work together effectively, too.

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Everything You Need to Know About Zoom Meetings

Now, we'll dig into the logistics of everything Zoom Meetings. If you need a refresher on what Zoom is and how to get set up using it, read our guide to using Zoom first.

Scheduling Zoom Meetings

You can schedule Zoom meetings in one of two ways: by scheduling through the Zoom app, or scheduling through your calendar app by adding a Zoom meeting link.

1. Scheduling Zoom Meetings Through the App

To schedule a Zoom meeting in advance from the app, click "Schedule," then enter the details of your meeting to create a Zoom event in the future.


2. Scheduling Zoom Meetings Through Your Calendar

First, sync your Zoom account with the calendar app of your choosing. Then, the next time you schedule an event on your personal or work calendar, there should be an option to turn it into a Zoom meeting, as my calendar shows below:

For Zoom meetings on the fly, you can launch a Zoom meeting in one of two ways: by entering your Personal Meeting ID (PMI) into Zoom, or by launching a meeting using another communication tool, such as Slack.


Starting Zoom Meetings

To start a Zoom meeting by joining from your computer, you simply need to click on the Zoom link in the Zoom app or in your calendar app:



To start a Zoom meeting from a Zoom Room, you can either launch the Zoom meeting from the list of meetings scheduled, or type the Meeting ID into the keypad on the meeting room iPad to launch the meeting on the room's TV monitors.

Source: Zoom

Joining Zoom Meetings

Joining a Zoom meeting involves the same steps as starting a Zoom meeting from your computer. You simply need to click the Zoom meeting link on your Zoom app or calendar app, or type the Meeting ID into your Zoom app.

Participating in Zoom Meetings

You can participate in Zoom meetings by treating it as you would a typical in-person meeting. However, with Zoom meetings where some or all participants are attending the meeting remotely, it's important to be cognizant of people's cues so everyone who wants to is able to actively participate. One tip for running smooth Zoom meetings is to appoint a meeting facilitator whose job it is to call on attendees or run the agenda so everyone is able to speak and nobody can dominate the conversation.

Remote meeting attendees can also raise their hands or use the Chat feature to draw the attention of the in-room Zoom meeting participants that they are ready to speak.



Presenting in Zoom Meetings

To present a slide deck or document during a Zoom meeting, a participant needs to share their screen. To do this, simply press the "Share" button and choose which app or window you want to display to the rest of the meeting.


If you're presenting in a Zoom Room, it's helpful to have a dual-TV monitor setup so you can display both presentations and participants at the same time.

Recording Zoom Meetings

If you or your company pay for a Zoom account, you're able to record Zoom meetings. To record a Zoom meeting for future reference, press the "Record" button, designate if you want to store it on your computer or in the cloud, and start the meeting. Once you end the meeting (no need to press "Stop Recording"), you can find recordings on your device in your Zoom app by clicking "Meetings" on your main Zoom menu and opening the video and audio files directly.

To access recordings in the cloud, navigate to this link, sign into your Zoom account, navigate to "Recordings," and download the files you need.


To learn more, read our comprehensive Zoom guide next.

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