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Meetings take up a significant portion of the work day and have evolved to solve a number of workplace challenges. We’ve created fifteen customizable meeting agenda templates to help your team plan for and contribute to meetings more effectively and work together in more productive ways. 

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In a time when 73% of teams are using a hybrid work model, meeting planning requires more thought and effort to be inclusive for all. Taking the time to provide an agenda ahead of time and dictate where follow-up conversations will occur provides an equal opportunity for team members to participate, independent of where they are attending the meeting from. 

Pre-made agendas and clear schedules help all team members to participate more fully in meetings and feel comfortable using their time to present. They speed up the time it takes to get started and the productivity of collaborative time.

While meetings are a useful way to collaborate and expedite projects, they can also slow your team down if not managed properly. In fact, poorly planned meetings can cost your company a lot of money. Want to quickly see how much? Try our simple meeting cost calculator.

Save your team time and earn back resources by planning ahead and using these simple meeting agenda templates.





How to Use the Meeting Agenda Templates

These meeting agenda templates span a variety of meeting types and will help you start your meetings on time, use the time effectively, and get all team members on the same page. 

Keys to hosting effective hybrid meetings:

• Send a call for agenda items in advance.
• Use customizable meeting agenda templates and add all points.
• Send agenda to all attendees the day before the meeting.
• Follow up with next steps.

Meeting Basics

Send a calendar invite. Relying on verbal confirmation may leave you showing up on the wrong day/time, even for the most organized teams.

Include a location and a video link. Always be mindful to include a video link if you'll have remote attendees. It improves the meeting experience for everyone.

Send a reminder email. Schedule an email to go out 10-15 minutes before the meeting. This will help as a final notice for everyone to bring their required materials and show up on time.

Assign a meeting facilitator.  The facilitator is responsible for running through the meeting agenda, ensuring remote participants are included and tapping on others to make sure all voices are heard. Tip: Assign a remote attendee as meeting facilitator.

Elect a note taker. Having a note taker who can send meeting notes immediately after will help everyone remember what was discussed and what the next steps are to keep the group on track. For recurring meetings, rotate note takers to get different perspectives.



Basic Meeting Template

This template is for any type of meeting to keep things on time and streamlined.

Download: Basic Meeting Template




Project Kickoff Meeting Template

The project kickoff meeting template includes a pre-filled agenda with action items to get a new project off the ground including communication strategies to get aligned right from the start.

Download: Project Kickoff Meeting Template




Creative Brainstorm Template

Use the brainstorm template to get your team in the creative zone and get the juices flowing. This template includes a suggested agenda for brainstorming sessions starting out with a few minutes of meditation.

Download: Creative Brainstorm Template




Meeting Minutes Template

The meeting minutes template will help your team quickly look at the previous meeting’s agenda items and record minutes from the current meeting, take down decisions made, next steps plans, and stakeholders involved.

Download: Meeting Minutes Template




Sales Meeting Notes Template

The sales meeting template includes prompts to discuss recent wins, pipeline updates, roadblocks, ideas from recent prospect or sales calls, and team updates. 

Download: Sales Meeting Agenda Template




Marketing Meeting Template

The marketing meeting template includes agenda items to review marketing performance, roadblocks, recent feedback from leads or prospects, and get up to date on current marketing campaigns. 

Download: Marketing Meeting Template




Board Meeting Template

Use the board meeting template to record the board members in attendance and provide notes on each agenda item along with stakeholders and deliverables. 

Download: Board Meeting Template





Weekly Staff Meeting Template

This template includes an outline for your team to recap the previous weekly meeting’s action items and give current updates efficiently. 

Download: Weekly Staff Meeting Template




One on One Meeting Template

This template will help focus your one on ones and discover any roadblocks your direct reports may be having. This one on one meeting template also provides space to keep up with your team’s professional development goals.

Download: One on One Meeting Template




Performance Review Meeting Template

The performance review meeting template includes questions and prompts to run an effective and meaningful employee review at any level of the corporate ladder. This template includes space to include notes on past reviews and give feedback to your team members.

Download: Performance Review Meeting Template




Team Meeting Template

This template will help you to organize team meetings and provides space to check in on  monthly/quarterly goals and deliverables.

Download: Team Meeting Template




Scrum/Agile Meeting Template


The scrum/agile meeting method includes a daily standup style meeting that asks each team member “what did you do yesterday?” “what are you working on today?” and “what are your roadblocks/obstacles?”

Download: Scrum/Agile Meeting Template





Zoom Meeting Template


This template can be used for organizing video conferencing calls or meetings on Zoom or other platforms and includes a space for where to follow up conversations after the meeting.

Download: Zoom Meeting Template





Hybrid Meeting Template


The hybrid meeting agenda template helps hybrid meetings run more smoothly and outlines where and how each attendee will be joining, pre-meeting reading materials, and post-meeting follow-up.

Download: Hybrid Meeting Template





Executive Meeting Template

The executive meeting agenda template is built for leadership team meetings to discuss company performance, individual team performance, and company morale.

Download: Executive Meeting Template


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