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How expensive are your meetings?


What is the duration of your meetings?
How often does this meeting take place?
How long do you spend setting up the meeting?
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Why Calculate Meeting Costs?

Whether you're trying to prove a point to your boss, to find ideas for how you can fix that terrible weekly meeting, or simply curious to know how much your company really spends on the dreaded all-hands, this cost calculator makes it easy to estimate the cost of any meetings.

Just plug in the meeting details and attendee salary estimates. Additionally, you can easily estimate the cost of the time you waste getting meetings set up during your allotted meeting times. 

How do we calculate the cost of your meetings?

  • We take your estimated attendee salaries, calculate their hourly rate, and multiply that hourly rate by 1.4 to account for additional costs of employee time such as a benefits and tax costs. 
  • Then, we add all of your attendee hourly costs, sum them together, and determine the cost of your one-time meeting and the added cost over the year.

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