The Ultimate Guide to
Crafting Remote Work, Flexible Schedule, and Working from Home Policies [+ Templates]

Creating airtight policies for remote work, flexible schedules, and working from home is essential for both you and your employees. Although the word "policy" sounds serious and complex, writing a remote work policy doesn't have to be overwhelming. We've created a guide along with three customizable templates so you can create and update policies for the modern, flexible workplace.

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We've written a guide to help you create a policy for your company or team.

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • What remote work, flexible schedule, and working from home policies are
  • How to survey internal stakeholders
  • Best practices when working with HR managers, legal teams, and other teams
  • Choosing policy specifics
  • Creating and updating documentation for your policies


Using the Templates

Almost 4 million Americans reported working from home in 2018, but more than half don't have a remote work policy in place. Coasting along without policies may seem easier, but in reality, it can cause liability issues that require even more red tape in the future. Even if you already have a policy in place, it's recommended that you review and update policies at least once a year. Remote work policies can cover communication, how to request working remotely, meetings, tools and support, and anything else you think may be confusing or open to interpretation.

Before you dig into the templates, here are our tips for writing and maintaining a remote work policy that works for you and your team:


  • Audit how employees are currently working remotely
  • Update the policy regularly
  • Gather feedback from employees and managers
  • Include employees across all levels when creating and approving the policy
  • Be specific, clear, and concise in the policy to prevent confusion or disagreement


Get started building your team's remote work, flexible schedule, and working from home policies with these customizable templates now.

Download the Ebook & Customizable Policy Templates

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