Creating transparent policies for remote, flexible, and hybrid work is essential. Writing a workplace policy doesn't have to be overwhelming, and instead can be a tool that helps encourage and enable the modern workforce. We've created customizable workplace policy templates so you can create and update policies for the new age of the office.

Using the Workplace Policy Templates

Even if you already have a policy in place, it's recommended that you review and update workplace policies at least once a year. Remote, flexible, and hybrid work policies can cover communication, how to request working remotely, meetings, tools and support, and anything else you think may be confusing or open to interpretation.


Best Practices for Maintaining Workplace Policies

  • Audit how employees are currently working
  • Gather feedback from employees and managers
  • Include employees across all levels when creating and approving policies
  • Be specific, clear, and concise in policies to prevent confusion or disagreement
  • Update the policies regularly



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