Research conducted in May 2021 by Owl Labs in partnership with third-party research consultancy, Vitreous World.  Survey polled 2,000 business leaders defined as C-suite executives, heads of departments, HR managers and general managers based in the UK, Germany, France, and the Nordics; referring specifically to Sweden, Finland, Norway & Denmark. 

89% of European companies plan on having a hybrid workforce post-pandemic, with 92% are keen to explore more progressive workplaces policies including ‘core working’ hours and 4-day work weeks. 



Only 11% of business leaders expect their employees to return to the office full-time, indicating a more permanent shift to hybrid working.  


31% of business leaders said they wouldn’t enforce a set number of days in office, 69% said they would, however with flexibility in the days. 


During Covid-19, 90% of business leaders have taken steps to boost morale, with 45% instilling regular team meetings, 41% supplying equipment to work from home and 40% planning virtual events. 



Nearly two-thirds of European business leaders reported that hybrid working makes companies more profitable, with Enterprise businesses (1000+ employees) most likely to think so at 73% in comparison to SMBs at 55%. 


56% of leaders say that access to better talent due to wider talent pools would make them more profitable, and 49% say they are more profitable with the ability to lessen their commercial footprint and costs. 


63% of business leaders are aiming to maintain the same amount of office space, 13% are planning to grow their footprint and just 11% are planning to get rid of their office space completely. 


1 in 4 (24%) of EMEA business leaders and organisations are planning to enforce ‘vaccine passports’ in order to return to the office, with 38% considering providing onsite Covid-19 testing to encourage employees to safely return to the office. 


Full Release here, source Business Wire.

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