Learn How Universities Improve Video Conferencing with the Meeting Owl

More than 2,000 schools, colleges, and universities around the world use the Meeting Owl to connect students and educators. Download the guide to learn how universities like Stanford, MIT, University of Southern California, and more are using the Meeting Owl, the smart conference camera that captures 360° video and audio.

Download the Meeting Owl for Universities Guide

Looking to increase student engagement or hold virtual staff meetings? Download the guide to learn how other universities are using the Meeting Owl and see if it might meet your needs as well.

Take a Look Inside:

University Case Studies


See the Meeting Owl use cases for:  

  • Stanford
  • MIT
  • University of Southern California
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • And more

A fully immersive hybrid learning experience.

Powered by the Owl Intelligence System™, the Meeting Owl automatically shifts the camera to focus on whoever is speaking. The result is an experience that nearly feels like sitting in the classroom.

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