We’re excited to announce the launch of a new product in our flock: the Owl Bar, our 4K front-of-room video bar that pairs with the Meeting Owl 3, helping facilitate truly natural-feeling hybrid meetings.

Tech so smart, you almost forget it’s there 

The Meeting Owl 3 + Owl Bar duo is the first and only front-and-center hybrid video conferencing solution on the market. The Owl Labs ecosystem of AI-powered devices uses 360° vision, multiple camera angles, wireless connection, and automatic speaker-framing and camera-switching to capture the best view of every moment in the room

That means every hybrid meeting, conversation, brainstorm, or check-in will flow better than ever, and peers around the world can continue building connections from afar. 

With the Meeting Owl 3 + Owl Bar, along with solutions like the Expansion Mic and Whiteboard Owl, all participants get a richer experience in every meeting. The Owl Labs ecosystem communicates body language, facial expressions and whiteboard notes in a way that was never possible with traditional video conferencing setups. 

Enable natural, effective hybrid collaboration with the Owl Bar + Meeting Owl 3

Powered by AI and robotics software algorithms, the Owl Bar and Meeting Owl 3 use vision, motion and voice inputs to automatically detect who’s speaking and where they’re looking to choose the best camera view to show at the right time. No matter where participants are joining from, whether they’re in the meeting room or across the world, the Meeting Owl 3 + Owl Bar facilitate true hybrid face-to-face collaboration.

Owl Bar tech specs

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The Owl Bar is our all-in-one front-of-room video bar that expands the Owl Intelligence System™ to the front of the room. 

The Owl Bar works as a standalone meeting device, with its built-in video camera and speakers, or integrates with other Owl Labs products by leveraging proprietary multi-camera software to capture the whole room. 

  • Powered by the Owl Intelligence System™ (OIS), which uses AI to intelligently auto-focus on in-room attendees as they speak and move
  • Multi-camera ecosystem scales to support spaces of any size
  • Wirelessly pairs with the Meeting Owl (3 or Pro) and the Whiteboard Owl
  • High-quality video: 4K video output resolution, 30MP camera, 114° field of view
  • High-fidelity audio: 4 integrated microphones + 1 integrated speaker. Pairs with eight smart mics on the Meeting Owl
  • Connects to host computer via USB
  • Works with three flexible setup options: Mount on a wall, hang the bar below a TV, or stand on a table
  • In-meeting device controls via desktop, mobile or tablet app and  remote fleet management capability through the Nest customer portal

With multiple camera angles available, more eye contact makes connecting easier


Many hybrid or remote-first conversations suffer from a lack of eye contact. With meetings where several participants are in the office, and a few more are joining remotely, eye contact can be particularly hard to come by. This generally makes remote participants feel isolated and much less engaged in the meeting. 

With the Meeting Owl 3 + the Owl Bar, all angles are covered in the meeting room, so no matter where they’re sitting, all in-room participants will have an easier time making eye contact with a camera, without tech getting in the way.

This makes for improved eye contact between in-person and remote participants, making hybrid discussions feel more like face-to-face chats. Meeting equity and engagement are both improved by ensuring that everyone can see and feel seen by each other. 

Owl Labs tech is powered by AI to ensure remote participants always see the best perspective — no manual work on the in-person side required. 

Seamless connections mean easy conversations in meetings of all sizes

The Owl Bar wirelessly connects to the rest of the Owl Labs product ecosystem, so you can add or remove devices as you see fit for any type of space. 

Whether you’re in a conference room setup with a Meeting Owl and an Expansion Mic, or in a brainstorm room with a Whiteboard Owl and a Meeting Owl, the Owl Bar connects seamlessly to the rest of the tech powering your hybrid meetings. 

At Owl Labs, we live and breathe hybrid experiences

For over five years, Owl Labs has been dedicated to creating the best possible hybrid video conferencing experiences. Long before COVID hit, nearly half our workforce was remote, so we were ready to help companies all over the world adjust operations when the way we all work changed in 2020. Today, over 150,000 organizations use Owl Labs technology to keep their teams connected and engaged, including 84 of the Fortune 100, and notable brands Nike, Harvard, and Ogilvy. 

“We’re excited to be the first company in-market to launch products that combine front-of-room and center-of-room views from every angle, so remote meeting attendees feel like they’re with their colleagues in person,” said Frank Weishaupt, CEO of Owl Labs. 

“Our goal is to take the stress out of managing hybrid teams with industry-leading technology solutions and we’re looking forward to doing that even more effectively for organizations of all sizes by expanding our product ecosystem with the Owl Bar.” 

All our products are platform-agnostic, so they can work with any major video conferencing software platform, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Verizon BlueJeans, Skype, and more. 

The next best thing to being together 

See the Owl Bar in action, and get one for your team from Owl Labs

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