Look around you — how many people in your network are still working from home? 

Companies are reopening their offices in droves, sparking a new era where hybrid and in-office work alike are the norm. Here’s what to expect.

What to know about the return to work

How many different personality types and styles of work are among your coworkers? That's how many different opinions they have on returning to the workplace. Those who have found solace in working from home aren’t looking forward to heading back to the office. And many extroverts are desperate to surround themselves with their coworkers again.

Some quick stats from our State of Remote Work Report:

  • 84% of employees would be happier working remotely after the pandemic—and some would even take a pay cut to continue doing so
  • 73% have returned to the office at least one day a week
  • 78% say that they feel more included when at the office
  • 57% say that they prefer working from home full-time
  • 60% have returned to the office in some capacity over the past six months
  • 39% of employers are requiring employees to be in the office full-time post-pandemic, but only 29% of employees want to be
  • 25% say they would quit their job if they could no longer work remote after the pandemic

state of remote work 2021

How are companies returning to the office?

Companies are returning to work in dramatically different ways. While some businesses (like ours!) guarantee their employees can work from anywhere, many are back to in-office full time. The hybrid model, where employees can work from home or in-office, is growing. Some offices provide a blend of assigned desks and “hot desking” with systems like Robin. This allows space for their employees to come in for important meetings or fun events. Here’s how some of the top companies are approaching the return to work:

How to plan your return to work

Whether your return to the office is hybrid or full, preparation is key to ensure a smooth transition. We have you covered with a handy return to office guide with best practices, tips, and tricks to make returning to work a breeze.

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