If you're lucky enough to have a flexible schedule, you kind of have it made. You can build a schedule that works for you, depending on the time and location you work best. Flexible schedules can take different forms for different people, but if you have this flexibility, it usually means you can work from home on a regular or frequent basis.

For some people, that means scheduling one or two days per week when they always work from home. For others (like myself), that means deciding each day where and when they want to work.

When you have the flexibility and technology to work from home, you might be wondering if you should work from home or not each morning when you wake up. Even though you can from home and the freedom to decide when you want to do it, you might still feel compelled to justify your decision when you stay at home in your sweatpants (or, let's be real, your pajamas) instead of making your way into the office.

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If that feeling of pre-WFH guilt sounds familiar to you, don't worry. We've created a flowchart that will help you answer the question of whether or not you should work from home. Whether you're feeling tired, your pet is giving you puppy-dog eyes, or you have meetings on your calendar, we'll guide you through the process of deciding whether you should work from home today -- and why.

Should you work from home or from the office?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you're considering working from home:

  • Do you have meetings scheduled for today?
  • Do you have reliable video conferencing tools?
  • Are you feeling sick?
  • Will there be distractions at home (e.g., roommates, family members, pets)?
  • Are you most productive at home?

For answers to these questions and more, check out the flowchart below to decide, once and for all, if you should work from home today:

Should you work from home today flowchart

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